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FAQs - Draw Me Awesome

  • Do pets consider as a character?
  • Pets are considered character.


  • What will I receive after I placed the order?
  • You will receive as below,
    1: Black & white cartoon character (Digital file) via email.
    2: A vacuum flask with your cartoon character & name engraved via courier.


  • How many characters can draw by each time?
  • Maximum allow only 2 characters, pets considered 1 character.


  • Why only maximum 2 character for each drawing?
  • The vacuum flask has limited space to engrave the characters.


  • How do we charge for additional vacuum flask order?
  • We only charge small fees (see below) if you re-use back the same cartoon character ordered from 1st time.
    Repeat Order Incurred Fee’s
    Engraving & 1 vacuum flask: RM128


  • What quality should the photo be that send you?
  • As high-quality images will be better, try not to send any blurred images,
    is good if can send the images with the expression you want, try to send more images in angles instead only 1 image.
    *NOTE: We’ll draw as per picture provided, so please notes down which are the expression to follow from pictures provided.


  • Does the portrait will exactly like the image sent?
  • Our talented artist will re-create & simplify the details from the selected image, overall will look like you but more fun, interesting in cartoon character styling compare with image.


  • Will I get to see proofing before proceed for engraving on the vacuum flask?
  • Once the drawing is finished, we will email or WhatsApp you to receive your permission before moving forward with the final engraving on the vacuum flask.


  • How long can I see my proof & when can I receive the vacuum flask with my cartoon character engraved?
  • Please review the process expectations below;
    1) 1-3 Days – Complete the proof
    2) 2 Days – Vacuum flask engraving
    3) 2-3 Days – Courier to reach your door step (for domestic)
    *Note: The timing mentioned above does not include the approval process on your end.


  • How many times can I make the changes?
  • You got maximum 2 times to make the minor changes.


  • Will there any additional charges to my order after it’s been made?
  • It’s is customer’s responsibility to specify all details they would like in their order notes.


  • What if I’m not 100% satisfy with the portrait?
  • Our artist been in trained & very talented, however, sometimes we may miss the important details of the person we draw, we always happy to discuss with you & make the changes if the reason is valid.