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Quote Art - FAQs

  • What is Artascy Personalized Quote Art?
    Artascy Personalized Quote Art allows you to write your own words at designated spaces on beautiful art.

  • How long does it take to receive an Artascy Personalized Quote Art after your order is placed?
    It takes 7 to 10 days to process and deliver within Peninsular Malaysia, and around 21 days to process and deliver to locations outside of Peninsular Malaysia.

  • How many types of Artascy Personalized Quote Art are there?
    There are 3 types of Artascy Personalized Quote Art:
    1: Art Print only, where customers preferred to do their own framing.
    2: Art Print with wooden framing in white, black or light brown options; covered with acrylic perspex; and ready to hang.
    3: Canvas Print wrapped in Museum Wrap style frame; ready to hang.

  • What is the size of Artascy Quote Art?
    1: Art Print: 12” x 12”
    2: Art Print with acrylic perspex with wooden framing: 13.25” x 13.25” after framed
    3: Canvas Print with Museum Wrap: 12.1” x 12.1”

  • Is the shipping fee Free in Peninsular Malaysia?
    It’s 100% free shipping for the entire Peninsular Malaysia only. For East Malaysia (Sabah & Sarawak), shipping fees will be charged.

  • What is the shipping fee out from Peninsular Malaysia?
    The shipping fee varies for different countries; shipping charges will be shown at the payment column.

  • Can I return my Artascy Personalized Quote Art if there’s a mistake?
    Customers need to double check on their own writing before proceeding to payment, Artascy won’t be liable to accept return goods if the mistake in question is made by the customer.

  • Where is Artascy Personalized Quote Art from?
    Artascy Personalized Quote Art is originated from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. All artwork is created by Artascy artist collective.

  • Where can I purchase Artascy Quote Art besides from the Artascy website?
    Artascy Personalized Quote Art can only be purchased exclusively at Artascy’s website, and is not available on any other platforms in the world.

  • Will Artascy Personalised Quote Art come with a packaging?
    Yes, there is a tailored gift box attached with gold foil labels to nicely fit all Art Prints with wooden framing or Canvas Prints with museum wrap. For Art Print purchases without frames, hard tubes will be used for packaging instead of the gift box.

  • Are special customization requests available if I need a special size or material?
    Yes, you can, please WhatsApp us via our website or email to for further discussion.