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Quote Art - Terms & Conditions


  1. Just type in your words in the designated column (every art piece has a different designated area for inserting text) with correct spelling*. Be mindful that as a rule of aesthetics, the fewer the words count, the better the final artwork will look.

  2. The design team at Artascy will decide the text color for you in order to match the art piece you selected. Let the experts handle the details; you do 30%, we do 70%, and together we co-create a 100% work of art.

  3. Artascy won’t take responsibility for any wrong spelling, so please double-check your text before you proceed with the payment.

  4. Due to the possibility to reset the typography of your wording in the artwork for aesthetic optimization, please note that the production capacity of Artascy is limited to produce up to 30 pieces of personalized art print per-day; and so is scheduled to receive order on a first come first served basis.

  5. As every piece of Artascy personalised quote art is precious & one and only in this world, we are committed to handle the layout & the production professionally; allocating up to 10 days to reach your location within Peninsular Malaysia with free shipping.

  6. Artascy is not obligated to send you the completed art piece for your approval, but Artascy will make sure the best quality to surprise you upon your receival.

  7. Artascy art is here to provide the perfect match for your touching words; and you are the one to decide on your intended emotions with words. So give us your best shot and let’s co-create together to move the world!

*Please note that artwork with spelling mistakes that are keyed-in by customers are not entitled for refund.