About Artascy

Artascy is an artist collective consists of 15 illustrators; each passionate about making beautiful illustrations and inspiring art prints. Every art print first starts with a visually engaging idea, which is then meticulously illustrated in the best possible style.

The body of work in Artascy showcases digital art surrounding the realms of realistic surrealism and yet surpasses the limitation of styles and techniques. At first glance, it seemed impossible to define an identity for the collective art as the styles and techniques were randomly diverse.

Then an interesting reaction happened when the illustrations were playfully paired with matching movie quotes. Although unintentional at first, the end results were charmingly inspiring and surprisingly well connected to the context of the original illustrations.

For the final product, a range of fine paper with premium thickness is selected and tested with state of the art printing technology. Each individual artwork is then exclusively calibrated and coded to ensure the best of quality before it is finally printed, packed and delivered; and ready to shine your wall.