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About Artascy

Artascy is an artist collective consisting of 15 illustrators from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Nested under the veteran illustration boutique CUE Art & Design Associates (est since 1996), the team’s work has been commissioned and trusted by conglomerate clients around the world; from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore, Philippines, Shanghai, Indonesia, Beijing, & Dublin.

Unlike the commissioned work of CUE Art, Artascy is an initiative effort to produce art prints and art gifts of original aesthetic visions. Driven by the personal inspiration of the illustrators, every art piece first starts with a visually engaging idea, which is then meticulously illustrated in the best possible style.

The name Artascy is inspired by the overwhelming feeling of natural high one experiences in making art, a tease to imply that the process of creating art is like experiencing ecstasy. For the artists, Artascy is like a creative portal for them to rediscover the joy of making art together in the never ending pursuit of self expression and visual storytelling.

On top of the standard decorative art pieces in pristine aesthetic quality, Artascy also offers services of personalised art & gifts for patrons who would like their names & quotes to be represented by a work of art. These art gifts are exclusively made and are perfect for that someone special to extend the spirit of creativity of the artists to the personalized statement of the receiver.

The body of work in Artascy showcases digital art between the realms of realism, surrealism and abstract art that surpasses the limitation of styles and techniques. Every art print produced by Artascy is made with carefully selected fine paper and canvases of premium thickness before it is finally printed, framed, and delivered; and ready to turn your wall into a gallery.